Unlocking Organic Search Traffic through Dynamic Rendering


OpenGrants, a search engine for grants and a marketplace of grant experts faced a significant challenge due to the pages of data being hidden behind a sign-in portal on their app. The data was not visible in a dynamic fashion and was inaccessible to search engines. This posed a hindrance to their visibility and reach.


To address this challenge, OpenGrants engaged FYC Labs for the following services:

  • Strategic Partner
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Here are the key components of the solution:

  • Sitemap Optimization: FYC Labs created a comprehensive sitemap, containing a wealth of content. This helped search engines understand the structure and organization of their platform, leading to improved indexing and visibility.
  • Custom Site Maps: We leveraged the WordPress marketing stack to dynamically generate sitemaps, while storing custom sitemaps for all the data on their app. By making the data crawlable, we ensured that search engines could index and display relevant information from their platform.
  • Curated Lists: The team compiled curated lists based on high-interest terms. This approach helped improve the visibility of OpenGrants’ content and made it more discoverable for users searching for specific grant-related information.
  • Dynamic Page Builder: An FYC Engineer built a dynamic page builder. This tool allowed us to generate new pages automatically based on search terms, ensuring the platform stayed up-to-date and relevant.
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“As an early stage startup working on a very complicated problem, FYC has been instrumental as both a thought partner and an execution partner. Justin and his team are fast, reliable, they think creatively, and they have the experience to recommend and implement solutions that feel like magic. After multiple frustrating engagements and efforts prior to FYC, we feel very fortunate to have found a tech partner that can support our growth at venture scale.”

Cody Hanson
Founder, OpenGrants


  • Annual organic search traffic increased by 717% compared to the previous year.
  • User growth skyrocketed, with a 134% increase in total users over the past year.
  • Direct traffic growth remained relatively flat, highlighting the dominance of organic search in driving user growth.
  • OpenGrants' user base expanded from 8,000 users to 25,000 users in the span of a year.


FYC Labs was able to successfully leverage the intelligence for OpenGrants behind their marketplace to drive SEO and unlock substantial organic search traffic. By implementing dynamic rendering, curated lists, searchable content, optimized sitemaps, and a dynamic page builder, they not only improved their visibility but also sustained significant user growth and facilitated expansion. The team also explored the use of AI to auto-generate copy and descriptions for on-demand pages, capitalizing on the data within their database to generate valuable content.

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