Aura Finance

A Financial Wellness and Investment Platform


Aura, an inclusive financial wellness and investment platform, aimed to disrupt the financial industry by making money management easier and more accessible. To achieve their goal, Aura needed a partner who could help bring their vision to life and create a unique brand and product that was both visually appealing and user-centered.


Aura partnered with our team to provide a range of services including:

  • Strategic product partnership
  • Branding & Design
  • App Development
  • Web Development
Aura Finance
Aura Finance
Aura Finance
Aura Finance
Aura Finance
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FYC Labs worked directly with the Aura founders to understand the company goals and vision, including the desired look and feel for the product. We provided thoughtful data management to allow for scalability and scheduled regular client status meetings to allow transparency to the productivity workspace, illustrating the project process.

We worked with the Aura team to create a custom color palette and designs that captured the company vision, utilizing a collaborative design tool to implement design and product layout. Next, we deployed private test versions of the app to allow the clients to download the working prototype to their devices which were influential in the early stages of fundraising for Aura.

Taking an agile approach to development, we released the app to the client’s select list of beta users on Android and iOS. We adjusted features and UX as needed, setting up automatic bug and crash reports to continue to improve app performance.

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“Our partnership with FYC was integral in bringing our vision to life. The entire experience, from the look and feel of the platform to the empathetic, user-centered experience was made possible because of FYC’s technical expertise and deep mission-alignment.”

Kelsey Willock
Co-Founder and CEO, Aura
Aura Finance


The partnership between Aura and FYC Labs resulted in a unique, inclusive financial wellness and investment platform that leverages behavioral psychology, rewards-based learning, and industry-standard investment practices. The project has gained visibility and has also captured the attention of Design Rush.

Aura’s platform offers several unique features, including:

  • Money personality quiz and money management suggestions
  • Daily mindset check-ins that help users make the best financial and investment decisions based on their emotional state
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Custom-built community page where users can share money goals, post questions, and more
  • Gamification to motivate users and award special badges
Aura Finance
Aura Finance


The partnership between Aura and FYC Labs was a success, resulting in a unique financial wellness and investment platform that disrupts the financial industry by making money management easier and more accessible. We provided strategic product partnership, branding and design, app development, and web development services, working closely with Aura to guide critical decisions and create a user-centered experience.

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