FYC Innovation Labs

At FYC, our passion for continuous learning and innovation is the heartbeat of our company. We thrive on identifying needs and developing user-centric solutions to address them. We spend most of our time building products and solutions for our clients, but as we grew as a company, we also encountered our own business challenges.

As we addressed these challenges using in-house systems, we realized there were opportunities to develop products that others would find useful as well. Thus, we created the FYC Innovation Lab, where we come together to build market-ready products that address many of the same challenges we face daily. Meet the creations from our Innovation Lab!


Empowering Small Businesses with Efficient Payments

Accru isn’t just a payment solution; it’s a reflection of our deep empathy for small businesses. We know the frustration of delayed payments and its impact. That’s why Accru matters. It’s our commitment to empowering small businesses with efficient invoice management. With Accru, we streamline payments, reduce friction, and enable businesses to focus on their strengths. We believe every business deserves prompt payment, and Accru makes that a reality.

Industry: Fintech


Transforming Deal Flow Management

FYC collaborated on the idea of Dealsend with the goal to revolutionize deal flow management. DealSend is a centralized platform empowering users to efficiently manage deal flow and data. With integration capabilities and collaborative features, Dealsend streamlines processes, eliminating manual tasks and disparate tools.

Industry: Fintech

Attaq Vector

Empowering Defense Against Cyber Threats

Recognizing cyber threats’ evolution and the need for strong defense, FYC introduces Attaq Vector! Attaq Vector enhances threat detection with advanced tech and cybersecurity expertise while fortifying defenses, mitigating risks, and empowering organizations to navigate cybersecurity confidently.

Industry: Cyber Security


Simplify Your Digital Content Creation

FYC created Paige to address businesses’ struggles in digital content creation. Understanding web development complexities, Paige streamlines content creation by transforming ideas into structured content. With clean HTML code generation, Paige saves time and resources, empowering businesses to enhance their online presence efficiently.

Industry: Digital Marketing


Taking Coding Excellence to Another Level

FYC launched SpellBox to revolutionize coding for professionals and learners. By generating code from prompts, SpellBox eliminates frustrations and time-consuming tasks like debugging and searching for solutions. With the saved time developers can focus on delivering top-quality results while solving complex programming problems within seconds.

Industry: Software Development
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