Introducing Our Partner – NPower

Our partner NPower

NPower is a national nonprofit that provides free tech training, support services, and job placement assistance to young adults, military-connected individuals, and women from under-resourced communities. Since their founding in 2000, they’ve offered tech fundamentals and advanced career training opportunities to over 10,000 students in 13 cities.

NPower’s unique approach combines rigorous training, and trauma-informed support services, addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. Their strength is seeing students of non-traditional backgrounds through pivotal life transitions. Led by a diverse team, the organization empowers students to drive change in their own lives and communities. As NPower expands into 12 new markets by 2030, they’re ensuring they create a tech workforce that mirrors the world around us.

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We are thrilled to partner with NPower and contribute to their impactful mission. At FYC, learning has always been deeply ingrained in our values. Collaborating with NPower allows us to extend our commitment to education and empowerment, particularly within underserved communities. By joining forces, we can leverage our expertise to support NPower’s initiatives. This collaboration will help foster a more inclusive and equitable tech workforce.

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Introducing Our Partner – Mixte

Our partner Mixte

FYC Labs proudly introduces our partner Mixte Communications- a renowned social justice communications agency committed to creating positive change. Mixte’s innovative approach to strategic communications emphasizes equity and community empowerment.


About Mixte:

Life is short — our choices matter.

That’s the truth that guides all of us at Mixte Communications, an immigrant-owned, woman-owned and values-run agency. It’s why we’ve chosen to build our business around helping social change agents to define their space — from strategic partnerships, to insightful media stories and thoughtful strategies across digital channels.


Our clients are grassroots organizations striving for change and the businesses who see they can build a better way. We’re honored to support them with digital marketing, public relations and strategic communications, and we bring an intentional approach to our work. We’re especially proud of our Mixte Momentum Model — a proprietary communications framework to achieve justice.


Of course, you don’t have to just take it from us! 2023 marked our second year being recognized with excellence for Best Boutique Agency for our commitment to equity. This award joins several others we’ve received for projects with incredible changemakers like Earthjustice, the American Council on ExerciseLeague of Women Voters of California and more.

Mixte is full of powerful storytellers and creative minds. Here, all of us choose to use our power to fight for equity and justice.


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Introducing Our Partner – Blush

Blush Design

Blush is a design tool that allows anyone to mix and match a diverse library of illustrations for projects of any type: keynotes, websites, social media posts, apps, books- anything! The coolest part? They are royalty-free, so you can use them on personal and commercial projects! Their mission is to empower creators of all backgrounds to tell their stories with the power of illustrations.

What sets Blush apart is a massive library of customizable illustrations crafted by top artists from around the globe. With Blush, you can effortlessly modify these illustrations to fit your project’s unique style and needs, giving you the freedom to express your creativity without boundaries. How? You can change the color palette with a click and even play around with the different components of each illustration (like eyes, mouth, and head shape) until you get the perfect doodle!

Another defining feature of Blush is that it’s easy to use for creatives of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. It’s incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that anyone can tap into its potential. On the plus side, Blush has plugins that work directly on the tools you love and know, like Figma & Sketch.

In short, it’s all about putting the power into the hands of designers, makers, marketers, engineers, and creatives of all types and skill levels. For the Blush team, there’s nothing better than seeing projects come to life with the help of our customizable illustrations.

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Partner Spotlight: ConnectivTech


ConnectivTech is comprised of high-end business technology advisors who specialize in vetting companies/vendors and matching them with the businesses they help. ConnectivTech has emulated a model that all the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5 have in-house. They have dedicated departments for vendor selection and procurement while understanding the value of outsourcing to the right professionals/organizations.

ConnecitivTech has taken an enterprise-level solution and has brought that to all businesses. To maximize the value they bring to the client, they proactively vet organizations to create an approved vendor list. They are here to help your business find vendors you would otherwise have not found on your own.

Businesses these days have no choice but to outsource some aspects of their company. Whether it is something as simple as your Microsoft subscription for emails or Excel sheets for something more complicated like cyber security, your business relies on other organizations to function. Outsourcing to the right vendors can make or break a business. To ensure they make strong matches, ConnectivTech doesn’t get paid until their clients select the right vendor.

ConnectivTech is your advisor, advocate, and trusted partner to ensure your business is surrounded by the right people.

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Celebrate GivingTuesday with our Nonprofit Clients!

Nonprofit organizations

GivingTuesday is a worldwide initiative promoting the profound impact of radical generosity. Established back in 2012, the concept of the day was pretty modest- fostering goodwill and celebrating giving. At FYC Labs, we are committed to helping nonprofits thrive. Over the years, we’ve partnered with various nonprofit organizations, leaving a lasting impact on their communities. Through collaborative efforts, FYC Labs assists nonprofits in leveraging technology to maximize their outreach.

Today, we would like to ask you to embrace the movement and check out some of our nonprofit clients. Every contribution and donation will be greatly appreciated!

Partner Spotlight: San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence

San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence

For the second consecutive year, FYC Labs is proud to announce its continued membership in the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering collaboration between businesses, academia, and government to enhance the regional cyber economy and ensure a safer digital community for all.

About CCOE: 
San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) is a nonprofit that mobilizes businesses, academia and government to grow the regional cyber economy and create a more secure digital community for all.

Our Programs and Initiatives focus on:

  • Increasing regional cyber resiliency
  • Seeding and diversifying the talent pipeline
  • Driving collaborative cyber innovation

Based on these pillars, CCOE develops best practices and templates that can be piloted industry-by-industry or scaled to the city, state or federal level to seed the talent pipeline, drive innovation, and protect our nation’s infrastructure.

While founded by a collection of world-class cyber organizations with operations in San Diego, CCOE is open to any entity with a stake in our regional cyber economy. Representative CCOE members and partners include: Biocom California, Booz Allen Hamilton, California Governor’s Office of Planning & Research and Military Council, City of Carlsbad, City of San Diego, City of Vista, Deloitte, ESET North America, FBI, FICO, FYC, Girl Scouts, Lockton, National Defense Industry Association, National Foundation for Autism Research, National University, NICE, Mastercard RiskRecon, Port of San Diego, Qualcomm, Raices Cyber, Scripps Health, Sharp Healthcare, U.S Coast Guard, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (CISA and Homeland Security Investigations), U.S. Navy’s Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), U.S. Secret Service, WiCyS and many more.

Together we move the needle on challenges and opportunities facing our region and the cyber industry. Please see our Q2 Newsletter, Annual Report and Cyber Insiders Podcast for an overview of our collective efforts and join us!

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