Partner Spotlight: ConnectivTech


ConnectivTech is comprised of high-end business technology advisors who specialize in vetting companies/vendors and matching them with the businesses they help. ConnectivTech has emulated a model that all the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5 have in-house. They have dedicated departments for vendor selection and procurement while understanding the value of outsourcing to the right professionals/organizations.

ConnecitivTech has taken an enterprise-level solution and has brought that to all businesses. To maximize the value they bring to the client, they proactively vet organizations to create an approved vendor list. They are here to help your business find vendors you would otherwise have not found on your own.

Businesses these days have no choice but to outsource some aspects of their company. Whether it is something as simple as your Microsoft subscription for emails or Excel sheets for something more complicated like cyber security, your business relies on other organizations to function. Outsourcing to the right vendors can make or break a business. To ensure they make strong matches, ConnectivTech doesn’t get paid until their clients select the right vendor.

ConnectivTech is your advisor, advocate, and trusted partner to ensure your business is surrounded by the right people.

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